Is Bachmann worth a punt at 12-1

Is Bachmann worth a punt at 12-1

Can she eclipse Palin for the Tea Party vote?

The big news in the race for the Republican nomination for the 2012 elections has been the emergence of Michele Bachmann, a 55 year old tax lawyer turned congress-woman, who fourth favourite in the betting.

This week saw the CNN candidates’ debate in New Hampshire and afterwards almost all the pundits said that she and Romney came out best. The AP video above gives a good feel of her position. In the betting she’s now moved to 25/2 for the nomination on Betfair with the traditional bookies showing prices down to 9/1.

The first big test, as ever, will be the caucus in Iowa which, conveniently is the state where she was born.

Certainly looking at clips from the debate she has an assured manner and is a good communicator and to my mind seems much more credible than Sarah Palin.

I’m on at 14/1 for the nomination and 37/1 for the White House.

Mike Smithson

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