Which Tory newbie will be first to cabinet level?

Which Tory newbie will be first to cabinet level?

Interesting betting market from Stan James on which Tory MP first elected in 2010 will make it to the cabinet.


Newcomer Tory MP Betting odds Comments
Claire Perry 7/2 Her comments about Bercow attracted a lot of attention – but she’s smart, loyal and serious
Anna Soubry 3/1 She took Nick Palmer’s seat at the election – impressive in recent TV performances – articulate with the common touch. Like Andrew Lansley she is ex-SDP.
Matthew Hancock 6/1 Well briefed, well connected, diligent and loyal. Is getting a lot media attention – could go far. Close links to Osborne.
Rory Stewart 6/1 Too stellar to rise? An Etonian
Sarah Wollaston 12/1 Is she perhaps not enough on message to please the whips?
Jesse Norman 20/1 A personable old-Etonian. Some say he is even brainier than David Willetts. Friend of Guido’s
Charlie Elphicke 14/1 Speaks well, sharp witted and has a good presence
Richard Harrington 16/1 Won’t rock the boat. Instinctively loyal but is that enough for preferment?
Kwasi Kwarteng 20/1 Yet another old Etonian with effortless self-confidence.
Priti Patel 10/1 Bright and Right – HenryG’s tip to replace Cameron. Smart, will appeal to the right with her robust views on the EU
James Wharton 33/1 At 27 the youngest Conservative MP in the current parliament. Needs to build a presence
Louise Bagshawe 8/1 Successful chick-lit author – but is she just too articulate to please the whips?

What are your views?

Mike Smithson

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