If Ed Miliband did step down then who?

If Ed Miliband did step down then who?

A run-down of possible contenders

Ed Miliband’s latest PMQs performance will do nothing to stop the murmuring within the party against him and Ladbrokes have him at just 2/1 that he’ll go before the general election.

But if he was to step aside voluntarily then who would take over. These are my comments on those priced at 25/1 or shorter in the betting.

Possible Odds Comment
David Miliband 5/1 He had his chance last autumn and his current absence from the front bench means he not been able to shine. Would he get vital union support this time? I’m not sure
Yvette Cooper 5/1 The news that she’s had ME suggests that she might not want it. Does not seem to have adapted well to being in opposition
Ed Balls 8/1 A strong possibility who would really get under Dave’s skin – but still too much associated with Brown years.
Chuka Umanna 12/1 Only entered commons in 2010 – not really had chance to prove himself
Andy Burnham 14/1 A poor performance in the last contest suggests that he’d struggle
Lisa Nandy 16/1 One for the future, perhaps, but not now
James Purnell 20/1 Not even an MP
Rachel Reeves 20/1 Same as Lisa Nandy
Douglas Alexander 20/1 A possible if he wanted to put himself forward
Stella Creasey 20/1 I’ve been impressed but same as Lisa Nandy
Harriet Harman 25/1 Did well in her spell as leader last summer – might just be a good stand-in. Cameron seemed to make heavy weather against her.
Rushanara Ali 25/1 Same as Lisa Nandy
Sadiq Khan 25/1 The more I see of him the more under-whelmed I am.
Jim Murphy 25/1 I bet on him at 33/1 in March and still think he would be in with a shout. He’s thoughtful and confident and can think on his feet.
Alan Johnson 25/1 After stepping down from shadow chancellor role it’s hard to see him returning to the front line.

Mike Smithson

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