Marf…… moving on from the NHS

Marf…… moving on from the NHS

Huhne eases while Landley & Clarke tighten in the exit betting

After a fair down-beat PMQs with Ed Miliband looking as though he desperately needs something to boost his confidence there’s been the first movement since last week in the cabinet exit betting prices.

The big thing with Huhne is whether he’s going to be prosecuted or not and, hopefully, we should know that relatively soon. If he is then his chances of survival will be much reduced. His price has eased as those on Lansley and Clarke have tightened.

The prices are from Ladbrokeswhich has made it clear that if two or more cabinet member step down on the same day then the dead hear rules apply. This makes it a better market than those from bookies which have not stated what they’ll do in this eventuality.

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