Are you tempted by Obama bingo?

Are you tempted by Obama bingo?

Will Obama say any of these? Ladbrokes price
The Queen 1/4
Special Relationship 1/3
Northern Ireland 1/2
Democracy 1/2
Pakistan 4/6
Middle East evens
Al Qaida 5/4
Olympics 6/4
Taliban 7/4
Royal Wedding 2/1
Gadaffi 2/1
Nine-Eleven 2/1
G20 2/1
Bin Laden 3/1
Shared Values 3/1
Royal Family 3/1
Historic Ties 4/1
Trusted Ally 4/1
War Of Independance 8/1
War on Terror 8/1
Healthcare 10/1
Gordon Brown 10/1
Winston Churchill 12/1
Barbecue 14/1
B.P 16/1
Yes We Can 16/1
Guinness 16/1
Twitter 16/1
Volcanic Ash 20/1
Born In The USA 25/1
Birth Certificate 33/1
Superinjunction 40/1
Craic 50/1
Chris Huhne 100/1
Pippa Middleton 100/1

The above are the prices for the Ladbrokes Obama parliamentary address market. If the president includes any of these exact words or phrases then you win. If not you lose.

I always vow not to take part in this betting but generally end up doing so. My long-shot is the 20/1 against “volcanic ash” simply because Obama’s travel plans are having to take this into consideration.

Amongst the tighter priced possibilities I like democracy, Al Qaida, the Olympics and the Royal Wedding.

What do others think?

Mike Smithson

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