Was this an abuse of parliamentary privlige?

Was this an abuse of parliamentary privlige?

As predicted here this morning the name of the footballer at the heart of the super injunction row was named by an MP this afternoon in the chamber.

John Hemming is protected by parliamentary privilege and almost all the main news orgnaisations are reporting what he said.

Quite where this will end up is hard to say – but this is the main political story of the day and everybody is talking about it.

Would posters please restrict themselves to the issue.

Many thanks.

On another issue many thanks to those PBers who have contributed to the appeal to support the site. This is the first time in two years the PB has appealed to users and I am only doing it now because our advertising revenue has dropped and in the first quarter of 2011 did not cover the core running costs. I am also keen to provide a facility to help support Marf’s work. A third of the proceeds of this appeal will go to that end.

Many thanks in anticipation.

Mike Smithson

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