Introducing “Old Etonians say No2AV”

Introducing “Old Etonians say No2AV”

Is this how YES could motivate Labour voters?

This is just my bit of fun – but with time running out for the YES I was wondering what I would do if I was running the campaign.

Is it possible to reverse the sharp trend to rejecting any change? Isn’t this the moment take a different approach?

Given that we know that “Dress-down Dave” is sensitive about his background as a Toff why not remind voters that the privileged classes are the ones that are most keen on keeping first past the post? “Old Etonians say No2AV” does just that.

This could be just the message to appeal to the key group of voters who might switch – Labour ones. It’ll be how they go that decides the election. We know that NO will continue the demonising of Clegg in the final push – so why doesn’t YES do something similar? Maybe they will?

Mike Smithson

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