Angus Reid reports a 15 point lead for YES

Angus Reid reports a 15 point lead for YES

Latest AV referendum polls Date YES % NO % Question wording
Angus Reid/ 16/02/11 37 (nc) 22 (+1) Actual wording on the ballot
ComRes/Indy on Sunday 10/02/11 36 (+4) 30 (nc) Actual wording on the ballot
YouGov/Sun 07/02/11 38 (+6) 39 (-2) Bespoke wording – referring to the fact that this is a proposal from the Conservative-Lib Dem coalition
ICM/Guardian 19/12/10 44 38 Actual wording on the ballot

NO moves one point closer

There a new Angus Reid AV referendum poll just out in which the fieldwork ended last night. The figures are almost the same as the last from the Canadian firm two weeks ago.

Clearly at this stage there is very little public awareness of the issues and arguments and I’ve little doubt that we’ll see a fair bit of movement now the referendum is definitely on.

Given that there’s a widespread expectation that the turn-out will be low then a key part of polling as we get nearer to May 5th will be certainty to vote. In this poll 59% of respondents expressed a view which is likely to be on the high side.

In the table above I have omitted last night’s ComRes poll for the BBC for the reasons set out last night and discussed by many pundits today. This had 41% YES and 41% NO – so more than four fifths of the sample expressed a view.

Very much against standard polling practice respondents were asked questions associated with the issue before the main point was put and there’s a danger that these could have conditioned response. It all means that this is not comparable with other surveys on AV from ComRes or other pollsters.

Mike Smithson

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