What about some second place by-election betting?

What about some second place by-election betting?

The Abrahams (L) and Asif (R) pictures are from Saddleworth News

Which of these three could finish as runner-up?

With just a week to go before what has become the most intriguing by election for at least a generation this post is very much a plea to the bookies to open up some more interesting Old & Sad markets.

This, as has been repeatedly argued, a three way marginal with any of the three main party candidates having a chance of winning. But in the betting on that Labour is the tight odds-on favourite and the Tories very much the outsider.

But what about market on who will come second? You can make a good case for any of the three and this would have more attractive odds than are currently available on the favourite.

Labour would probably be the outsider but you would not price it at longer than 7/2. The Tories have been doing reasonably in the national opinion polls and if the latest News International YouGov daily poll is correct then there must be a chance that they could squeeze past the Lib Dems into the second place slot.

So Ladbrokes & co what about a market? It would add a great deal of betting interest and provide an outlet for what is being increasingly speculated upon – a Tory second place. My guess is that the amount wagered could equal or even top that on the seat winner.

Mike Smithson

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