Is Paddy Power all mouth and no trousers?

Is Paddy Power all mouth and no trousers?

“Victory for the Lib Dems in Oldham is now as unlikely as Manchester United finishing at the bottom of this year’s Premier League with Roy Keane in charge!” – Ken Robertson, Paddy Power”

Fine – but how come that you are only offering 7/2 against Elwyn Watkins – the Lib Dem candidate. If it was that remote then surely you’d be happy to to lay bets at 100/1 or longer.

Political punters are interested in odds – not hyperbole. It’s okay making statements like this if you are ready to back your judgement up with a proper price.

UPDATE: I just tried to bet on the Lib Dems with PaddyPower at 7/2. The most they would let me put on was 51 pence.

Mike Smithson

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