Has Labour’s hate campaigning gone too

Has Labour’s hate campaigning gone too


Could the red team just lost some of the Ginger vote?

As the father of two children who were bullied at school because of their ginger hair I am beside myself with fury at Harriet Harman’s nasty attack on Danny Alexander as being a “ginger rodent”.

By all means get into an argument on the issues but to use an inherited bodily characteristic to attack someone smacks of racism – which is even more outrageous given Harriet’s record in the equality area.

Would she have done the same over gender, race or sexual orientation? I doubt it – so what makes someone’s hair colour, which is determined by their genetic make-up, a legitimate target?

How are ginger men and women voters going to feel about a party that uses this as a means of attack and ridicule.

Harriet – this is stupid.

Mike Smithson

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