Is Labour losing the housing benefit argument?

Is Labour losing the housing benefit argument?

Poll Date CON % LAB% LD %
YouGov/Sunday Times 29/10/10 42 37 13
YouGov/Sunday Times 22/10/10 41 40 10
YouGov/Sunday Times 17/10/10 41 39 11
YouGov/Sunday Times 08/10/10 42 38 12
YouGov/Sunday Times 01/10/10 39 41 11

Tories and LDs up – Labour down

Tonight’s YouGov poll for the Sunday Times is the first full voting intention poll since the housing benefit row erupted and the figures are good for the coalition and bad for Labour.

The Lib Dem share, from the pollster that generally marks them right down, is the best from YouGov since the party conference back in September.

My understanding is that there are detailed questions on the housing benefit issue in the poll – we should get some idea of the findings overnight.

This is just one poll and we need to see if other firms find a similar trend – but the coalition will be feeling quite please.

Mike Smithson

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