The Labour betting heads for 60-40

The Labour betting heads for 60-40

Could there be a cross-over?

The chart shows the Betfair prices, expressed as percentages, on what’s happening in the Labour race in which voting finishes on Wednesday at 5pm.

I don’t think we’ll see another YouGov poll though it’s possible that one might have been commissioned. The moves over the past week have been driven by last Saturday’s survey for the Sunday Times.

William Hill has reported that four out of every five bets it has laid on the race in the past week have been for Ed Miliband.

Below are prices from traditional bookies.

NOTE: I’m experimenting with a new format for showing betting prices in posts. The above table is embedded and should update itself as prices changed. At the moment it only shows the best prices from five firms and I’m working on trying to incorporate Betfair.

Mike Smithson

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