YouGov boost for Abbott

YouGov boost for Abbott

YouGov – Labour leadership All voters Lab voters Public sector
David Miliband 22 (-1) 38 (+4) 21
Diane Abbott 13 (+4) 9 (+2) 16
Ed Miliband 7 (-1) 11 (-2) 9
Ed Balls 5 (-1) 8 (-2) 7
Andy Burnham 4 (nc) 6 (+2) 6

But we need polling of the members and the unions

The latest polling on public views of the Labour contests suggests that this is still about name recognition though the Abbott camp will be pleased to see the increases in her support from voters at large as well as those who support Labour.

Next week we have the first of the televised hustings which could change the tone of the entire contest. The key audiences, of course, are not the public but members of the three electoral colleges who will be voting in three months time.

But if Abbott continues to poll well amongst voters as a whole then that could just influence those within the movement.

There’s also a new YouGov VI survey with CON 40%(+1): LAB 32%(nc): LD 18%(-3) – so goodish news for the blues and, perhaps, worrying news for the yellows. May 1 2015, however, is a long way off.

UPDATE: I’ve added a column showing support amongst public sector workers.

Mike Smithson

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