How much does Maggie still dominate our politics?

How much does Maggie still dominate our politics?

Does McDonnell’s assassination call still resonate?

I’ve just picked up on the John McDonnell clip at yesterday’s hustings when he said he’d wished that he’d assassinated Mrs. Thatcher during the 80s.

What I found striking was the reaction of his audience – trade union delegates who gave it the biggest applause of the day.

But it does raise the question of Maggie’s legacy. Is this a positive for Labour, as McDonnell seems to think, or has it been neutralised by the passage of time? It is, after all, almost twenty years since she made her tearful exit from Downing Street

Whatever McDonnell’s repetition of what he’d said in the warm-up of an early Any Questions programme almost certainly means that he’s not going to make the cut when nominations close tomorrow.

Mike Smithson

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