Is Mili-D now unstoppable?

Is Mili-D now unstoppable?

Has he been the only one campaigning seriously

The big news tonight in the Labour race is a statement by Douglas Alexander, who was previously a strong Mili-Ed supporter, on why he has come out backing Mili-D.

This follows the endorsement from Alistair Darling and it looks as though Alexander, a key figure, has worked out where this race is going and wants to be on the DM band-wagon.

There have also been strong reports reports of how much more organised and structured the shadow foreign secretary’s campaign is compared with all the other runners.

As an indication Mili-D spent election day sending personal text messages to Labour incumbents who were under pressure and then followed it up with nice personal letters to those who lost their seats.

None of the other contenders are anything like as organised.

There is a long way to go and the world might look different when the voting starts in September – but Mili-D has the big Mo with him. I’m glad I got on at 7/1 last October.

Now if only it wasn’t for that silly banana picture…..

Mike Smithson

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