ICM: Post-GE dramas produce little change in VI

ICM: Post-GE dramas produce little change in VI

ICM Guardian May 24 May 13
LABOUR 32% 33%
LIB DEMS 21% 21%


Lib Dems lose a little but Coalition steady at 60%

In the first major post-GE poll with voting intention carried out by ICM for The Guardian, there are small increases in the Conservative and Labour shares, while the Lib Dems and Others are down – though all movements are within marginal of error (if towards the outer edges of it).  The figures are also very similar to the figures produced by ICM for the Sunday Telegraph two weekends ago.

The overall share for the Con/LD coalition remains very steady at about 60%, with an almost identical number approving of its existence.  Voters supporting the two parties in government being in favour (very heavily in the case of Conservatives), with Labour supporters opposed on balance.

While there’ll be some nervousness in the Lib Dems at the drop in support and the report that support for the coalition is a good deal lower in Scotland and the North of England, that may in large part reflect Labour’s relative strength in these regions.

That said, compared with the post-election boosts some governments have experienced (1992 and 1997 particularly), the changes are small given the dramas of the change in government, the formation of the coalition and the resignation of Brown as Labour leader.

David Herdson

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