Is this poll simply about name recognition?

Is this poll simply about name recognition?

ICM Labour leadership poll Who would you back?
David Miliband 32%
Harriet Harman 11%
Ed Miliband 9%
Ed Balls 8%
Andy Burnham 2%
John Cruddas 2%

The above figures are from the latest ICM poll for the Sunday Telegraph and are the views of the electorate as a whole – not just Labour supporters or even those who’ll be able to vote in the coming election.

An issue of course is that Gordon Brown’s approach to the leadership meant that he was doing most of the big announcements and many of his ministers hardly got a look in.

The result is that many of those trying to become his successor are not that well known.

Anthony Wells over at UKPR makes the points that at this stage in the Tory race after the 2005 election Ken Clarke was getting big shares and someone called David Cameron was barely registering.

This race has an awful long way to go.

  • Labour leadership from prices from PoliticalSmarkets David Miliband 57.14%: Ed Miliband 25%
  • Meanwhile MORI has a coalition poll in the News of the World. The figures are broadly in line with what we have seen from the other firms.


    Mike Smithson

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