So is it going to be a Miliband?

So is it going to be a Miliband?

Ladbrokes are offering 1/3 that it’ll be one of them

So far the only two people to declare themselves as candidates for the Labour leadership have been the Brothers Miliband who are first and second favourites in the betting.

At the moment David is odds-on while you can get Ed at between 3/1 and 4/1.

So if you think it is going the Miliband family way which should you choose?

There were a couple of revealing Tweets from ex-Observer writer, Gaby Hinsliff highlighted by ChristinaD the previous thread.

She made two very perceptive comments:-
“Just left fabian conf, thinking edmiliband wants to win more’n i thought…

…his line abt the most imp quality in politics is empathy sums up his USP vs his brother…”

PoliticalSmarkets have David at 57.14% while Ed is at 33.33%.

On top of my longshot bets on Balls/Darling/Harman I’m also on Ed.

Mike Smithson

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