Introducing Edmund’s “PB Enhancement” widget

Introducing Edmund’s “PB Enhancement” widget

Edmund from Tokyo has produced a great little widget designed to help PBers follow threads better.

It’s simple to install on Firefox or Google Chrome and simple to operate. These are some of its features as Edmund explains:-

  • An “Ignore” link will appear next to each comment. When you click on it, it will hide the text of any comments by the poster you chose to ignore. It stores this information in a cookie in your browser, so it will still be there next time you use the site. Ignored posters get an “Unignore” link next to their names, so you can restore their posts if you change your mind.
  • A “Favourite” link will appear next to the “Ignore” link. Clicking that will highlight that poster’s comments, and create a link above their post to let you jump to the next favourite post.
  • A “Reply” link will appear next to the “Favourite” link. Clicking on it will jump you straight to the comment box, which will contain a link to the comment that you are replying to. If you want to quote some text from the original comment in your reply, you can select the text before clicking “reply”.
  • A “Show more comments” link will appear under the final comment. Clicking that will fetch the latest version of the page behind the scenes and copy all the new comments into the page you’re reading, so you don’t need to refresh.
  • Check it out here.

    Mike Smithson

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