Which Tories will need to watch their backs for Rory?

Which Tories will need to watch their backs for Rory?

Could he take over if it goes pear-shaped for Dave?

I’ve just listened on catch-up to last Friday’s edition of Radio 4’s Any Questions when the newly-selected Tory PPC for Penrith, Rory Stewart, had to stand in at the last minute.

We’ve featured the multi-talented Mr. Stewart before and even though he’s not yet an MP he’s listed by both PaddyPower and Ladbrokes in their markets for next Tory leader. The former has him as fourth favourite at a pretty mean 12/1.

This is a guy with an amazing CV summed up thus by the Telegraph : “The former diplomat has trekked 6,000 miles across Asia; at 28, wrote a best-selling book, The Places in Between, about the walk; was governor of a province in Iraq at 29; and last year, as well as becoming a Harvard professor, was hailed by Esquire magazine as one of the 75 most influential people of the 21st century. Brad Pitt has already bought the rights to his biopic…”

I thought his “Any Questions” performance was impressive particularly when (after about 29 minutes) he managed to tell one of his fellow panellists in the nicest possible way that he was talking rubbish.

It’s hard to see how Cameron can avoid making him a minister and if I was William Hague I’d be worried.

Mike Smithson

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