This must be the political interview of the year?

This must be the political interview of the year?

Listen to the John Hutton interview

Is this a foretaste of what’s to come?

If you have not caught up yet with the John Hutton interview on this evening’s PM programme then listen to to it now.

The headline story of Hutton’s admission to being the cabinet members expressing serious doubts about Gordon Brown in September 2006 is only part of it – although the way that comes out in the discourse is of itself quite dramatic. Eddie Mair’s quiet persistence is brilliant.

There’s so much to be told of what was going on inside the government and Labour during the critical period that led effectively to Tony Blair being forced out of office nine months later and it’ll be the subject of books and TV programmes galore.

The Hutton comments are only a taster, surely, of what is to come as we find out what was really going on.

Mike Smithson

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