Will MORI look even more outdated?

Will MORI look even more outdated?

CON 40%(40)
LAB 28 (31)
LD 18%(16)
OTHERS 14% (13)

Is this just getting back to normal?

Whichever paper has invested good money in the unpublished MORI poll, completed last weekend, is going to find that it will look even more outdated following news of this latest YouGov survey for the People.

That’s one of the risks of holding onto surveys – things can happen.

So here is a poll that will ease Tory jitters and provide welcome relief for the Lib Dems.

The one consistent theme from the last batch polls has been that the Tories are back in the 40s which could put a damper on the seasonal festivities at Brown Central

We should get news of MORI tonight.

Betting markets update: I’m just going through my emails and have this from Sporting Index – which explains the big move in Labour commons seats spread prices earlier in the week.

“The party seats were showing the Tories at 352-357 but this has be revised to 345-350 which is the biggest price move on the seats in 18 months. This is because we have seen lots of small bets supporting a Labour comeback but namely 3 large bets: 2 sellers of Tory seats for £1000 and £500, and also a £1000 buyer of Labour seats hence why Labour have gone up 6 to 210-215.

Again we’ve seen business for ‘Brown and Out’ namely buyers however news filtered through recently of closer polls between the top two parties and thus gossip began on a snap March election. Lots of punters have closed their positions and have gone the other way.”

So if the Tories end up with just 302 seats then the £1000 a seat Conservative seller would lose WIN £50,000. It certainly adds to the interest of the election!

I’m hoping to have regular traders’ reports right through until the general election.

Mike Smithson

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