Another news cycle and the row goes on?

Another news cycle and the row goes on?

The Sun

What does this say about Brown’s survival chances?

The big overnight political betting story is the news that David Miliband won’t be going for the EU High Representative job – and all the speculation that this opens up not only about that appointment but the whole Labour leadership.

Congratulations to Peter the Punter, Morus and others for picking up developments ahead of MSM and to Morus (Greg Callus), in particular, for his tip at 9.20pm on who might end up getting the job instead. Those who acted fast on Baroness Ashton could have got 50/1 – she’s now at 5/1.

The big question now is why Miliband has thrown away this chance and what it says about his Labour leadership aspirations. Surely there can be no doubt that this is what he’s going for – the only issue is whether it’ll be before the election or after.

Which brings us to the news that’s splashed again on the Sun front pages as well as on several pages inside. There’s even a link from the paper’s website to a recording that was made of the phone conversation between Mr. Brown and the Jamie’s mother.

Listening to it you cannot help but wonder whether we are witnessing the final days of Gordon’s premiership. He’s desperately trying to do the “right thing” but he seems to trip up at every step. Why does he contest what’s clear to the world that he got the spelling wrong?

It’s that characteristic, the refusal to accept what’s blindingly obvious, that more than anything else is his greatest political weakness.

We’ve speculated for so long on the Brown departure but there will come a time, surely, when he or those close to him realise that the best option is retirement?

Maybe it’s this prospect that’s caused Miliband (D) to stay in the UK?

Mike Smithson

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