Is this going to be the date?

Is this going to be the date?

Could Gord be planning to go a bit earlier?

What’s likely to be the first of many election date rumours has started circulating this afternoon with suggestions that key figures within the Labour party have been told “to prepare for March 25th”.

Who has been saying what to whom I have no idea. But going a few weeks early is about the last tactical advantage that Brown can deploy and it does make a sort of sense.

March 25th, though, would be odd because we would still be in winter time. The clock’s go back the following Sunday and you would assume that the longer days would be something that Labour tacticians might want.

I’m not convinced but if you want a flutter the prices are good. PaddyPower has March 2010 at 10/1 while at Ladbrokes it’s 8/1.

Mike Smithson

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