PB’s “Money Says Index”: CON Maj 58 (-3)

PB’s “Money Says Index”: CON Maj 58 (-3)

Will this be moved by the weekend polls?

We last covered PB’s “The Money Says Index” on Monday when it had reached what was a record high for the Tories.

This is a projection of the general election outcome based on what is going on in the commons seats betting markets – the spreads from Sporting Index and ExtraBet (formerly IG) and the new Betfair Line commons seat line market.

One of the reasons for the shift has been that when the calculation last done ExtraBet did not have any prices up and was left out. This spread firm is infuriating – sometimes the market is operational and sometimes it isn’t.

The current ranges are:
Extrabet CON 348 – 353: LAB 223 – 228: LD 45 – 48
Betfair CON 352.5 – 358.5: LAB 215 – 220: LD 46 – 48.5
Sporting Index’s CON 352 – 357: LAB 222 – 227: LD 44 – 47

The aim of the index is to produce a projected general election outcome based on the way money is moving on the three stated betting markets.

My guess is that the next movement will be driven by the weekend polls.

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