New MORI puts Lib Dems up 8 points

New MORI puts Lib Dems up 8 points

LABOUR 28% (-4)
LIB DEMS 22% (+8)

Are Labour voters shifting towards Clegg over Smeargate?

Further to the update on the previous thread, the Ipsos MORI Political Monitor for April gives the Conservatives a 13-point lead over Labour, but it is the closing of the gap between Labour and the Lib Dems (from 18-points to just 6) that is the dramatic headline of this poll.

Nick Clegg hasn’t had the best of months if you listen to the blogosphere – the Lib Dems have received little coverage over Smeargate and Iain Dale reported he was booed for elitism at his own party conference in Wales – but with such a leap in the polls (and good scores in both polls on the weekend) he will be very pleased with their current position.

Obviously, the big question is whether the Lib Dems can poll ahead of Labour in a serious voting intention question prior to the next General Election. I think it unlikely, but a market would be very welcome – if any of our bookmaker friends are reading.

For now, they’ll just bask in a great rise in the polls. As Morris Dancer said on the previous thread “They’ll be breaking out the mineral water and rocket” at Cowley Street.


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