..and the spread markets remain unmoved

..and the spread markets remain unmoved

The Money still suggests a CON majority of 56 seats

There have been periods when we’ve covered the latest commons seats spread prices on a daily basis as market sentiment has moved between the main parties.

Since late January, however, things have remained almost static with hardly any movement at all. The above are the prices from SportingIndex and suggest a mid-point for the Tories of 353 seats. That’s 28 more than the 325 required for an overall majority – so the market projection is for a Tory majority of 56 seats.

In this form of betting punters are buying and selling the number of seats the parties will get as though they were stocks and shares. One of the attractions is that you can close down positions at any time. pocketing any profit now. Firms like Sporting Index can usually offer credit terms so often there is no need to stump up any cash now.

My betting: Almost nil. Apart from a small £10 a seat buy on the Lib Dems at 45 and that is about it. I cannot see any value anywhere so I’m waiting. My normal approach is to sell rather than buy and I cannot see any obvious reason to sell Labour or the Tories at their current levels.

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