Was Cameron right to go on the expenses issue?

Was Cameron right to go on the expenses issue?

Is this the one that is resonating?

On the day of protests all over London and the G20 leaders gathering for the big meeting tomorrow it was interesting that Cameron should have used his first line of attack at PMQs to focus on MPs expenses.

This is especially the case now that now it’s becoming something of rarity to see Mr. Brown actually being there on a Wednesday – he’s usually got something much more important to do.

I’ve been pondering for the past hour on Cameron’s decision and have concluded that probably he was right. The responses he got from Brown were equivocal. He came over as though he was dragging his feet on what will be live issue well after the G20 has gone and people can’t remember what it was all about.

Given Brown’s total pre-occupation with the global economy it was also a fair bet that the PM would not have a convincing reply ready. He just looks as though this is not that important to him.

As I suggested yesterday I believe Brown made a massive error when he failed to demand Jacqui Smith’s resignation as soon as the porn matter came out. That act would have put him firmly in the driver’s seat. The longer that she remains in post the bigger the impression that Brown is not totally committed to cleaning this mess up.

And so to the G20 and the demos.

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