Is the Washington visit going wrong for Gord?

Is the Washington visit going wrong for Gord?

Times Online

Could it be said that Obama is snubbing him?

Clearly Barack Obama or his advisers can read opinion polls and it appears that they have made their minds up about Gordon Brown. For not too long after the British party arrived in Washington news came through that there will be no joint press conference between the two leaders.

Instead Brown is going to have to make do with what’s described as a a “pool spray”. This is where – a few shouted questions are put from pool reporters during a photo-opportunity.

British journalists covering the trip are already contrasting the treatment that Brown is getting with what happened to Tony Blair.

The Times reports: “Mr Brown’s predecessor and long-time rival, Tony Blair was unfailingly accorded the honour of a joint press conference during official visits in both the Clinton and Bush eras. Indeed, with the diplomatic groundwork completed in advance, the main point of such visits is the chance to appear side-by-side with the most powerful man in the world, national flags standing proudly behind.

To add insult to injury, Mr Blair appeared with Mr Obama at a “national prayer breakfast” in Washington last month at which Mr Obama praised him as “my very good friend”. There is now unlikely to be any such endorsement of Mr Brown during the current visit.

So far the media coverage has been nothing like that which Brown Central had been hoping for. If at the end of the day the impression in the UK is that he’s been snubbed then that will surely add to Brown’s problems. Not good.

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A note from Peter the Punter – Name Our Horse

Which name do you prefer for the PB race-horse?
Czar Louis
Louis The Tenth
Mr Smithson
Political Punter
Prince of Darkness

As reported in earlier threads, there was a good response when I suggested a PB Syndicate horse and we now have a substantial stake in an unraced two year old which is in training with Brian Ellison at Malton. It is expected to have its first run soon, quite possibly on 28th March at the Doncaster meeting which signals the start of the Flat Season.

Before it runs, it will however need a name. Pbers have shown customary ingenuity and wit in making suggestions. The Syndicate has selected a short list of five and now invites you to vote for your favorite.

Those not familiar with the naming of racehorses might like to know that there is a long tradition in racing circles of inventive or punning names. The former top class chaser Celibate is a good example. It was sired by Shy Groom and the dam was Dance Alone. Geddit?

It is also quite common to provide names for reasons of special significance to the owner(s) [Dubai Millenium], for romantic reasons [Emotional Moment], or just for fun [Roger The Butler].

Our animal doesn’t offer too many obvious opportunities, being by Xaar out of Amanda Louise, and some of the more blatantly Site-oriented ideas didn’t quite have the right ring. However, The Syndicate thought the names above were all very acceptable.

Whatever you choose, you can do so in the certain knowledge that however apt or elegant the name, it makes absolutely no difference whatever to how fast the thing runs. Rest assured though that you will be kept well informed about that latter crucial factor as the Season unfolds.

Thanks to everybody who put forward suggestions and I hope that whatever the decision you will all follow with interest the horse’s exploits.

Peter the Punter (Peter Smith)

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