Your invitation to PB’s Fifth Anniversary

Your invitation to PB’s Fifth Anniversary

6 pm, March 23rd, National Liberal Club, Westminster will be precisely five years old on Monday 23rd March and to celebrate it is throwing a party at what has now become the Site’s residence on earth, the beautiful National Liberal Club, situated just off the Embankment.

Tickets will be £20 each if paid in advance or £25 cash on the door. There will be nibbles and free wine until it runs out: as the event is being generously sponsored by Ladbrokes, that should be a good bit later than usual. The original of the Marf cartoon, which will be on the tickets, will be auctioned on the nite, the proceeds going to support the party. Prints of her other cartoons will also be avalable at the knock-down price of £25. We may also auction Ratty, but first we have to catch the damn thing.

The party is being held in The Lady Violet Room. Gentlemen are reminded that there is a dress code of jacket, collar and tie at the NLC. It is relaxed for visitors but those not suitably attired will be restricted to the party room and will therefore not be able to wander unchallenged around the building.

If you are planning to attend, please drop me an email You can pay by cheque or use the Paypal link below. We are hoping for a bumper attendance and early indications of support will be very welcome. I will publish a list of probable attendees in due course, subject of course to the Straw version of the Freedom of Information Act (i.e, any embarrassing or awkward details to be withheld.)

Do try to be there. It should be great fun. Warm regards one and all

Peter the Punter (aka Peter Smih)

P.S. and Off Thread – Name Of Syndicate Horse. Thanks to the many who have already cast their vote. Voting will close 8am tomorrow morning.

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