Has the pendulum swung back to Obama?

Has the pendulum swung back to Obama?

Can McCain-Palin win back the initiative again?

The latest polls in the White House race show that there’s been a sharp swing-back to Obama and he now has leads in almost all of them for the first time since McCain turned the election on its head with his choice of V-P.

Within the past hour the CBC/New York Times poll had McCain’s 43% to Obama’s 49%.

Earlier we had:-

Gallup: Obama 47%, McCain 45%

Diageo/Hotline: Obama 45%, McCain 42%

Research 2000: Obama 48%, McCain 44%

Rasmussen Reports: McCain 48%, Obama 47%

As I have been suggesting for the past couple of weeks we needed to wait until the impact of the back to back party conventions had shaken itself out.

In the betting there’s been a sharp move back to the Democratic party.

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Mike Smithson

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