Have the Tories broken 50%?

Have the Tories broken 50%?


Could the “rumour” possibly be true?

Anthony Wells on UK Polling Report is carrying a story that a rumour is going round that the latest Ipsos-MORI poll has C52-L24-LD12. If that is the case then it is pretty sensational.

I’ve been trying to contact senior people at the firm but so far without success.

I have enough respect for Anthony to know that he would have not published a rumour on his site without him having an inkling that there might be something in it.

In one or two recent surveys Ipsos-MORI has been reporting the biggest Tory leads of any of the main pollsters.

UPDATE I have now spoken to MORI who have confirmed that a poll that they did at the weekend will be published at midnight by the Press Association. Fieldwork took place from Friday until Sunday when the domestic news agenda was dominated by Labour’s leadership troubles. MORI were “unable to confirm or deny the figures”.

SECOND UPDATE A journalist who had the embargoed PA story in front of him has confirmed the figures to me. This is for real.

Mike Smithson

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