Ipsos-MORI figures corroborated

Ipsos-MORI figures corroborated


    Is the biggest loser Nick Clegg?

As reported in my second update on the previous thread I have just spoken to a journalist who had the embargoed Press Association story and he has corroborated the figures.

Clearly these are sensational numbers and will put pressure on both Gordon Brown and Nick Clegg. At least Labour has the consolation that its vote stayed at the same level in the survey as in the last poll by the firm in August.

    For Nick Clegg – still reeling after his £30 a week pension comment – these numbers could not have come at a worse time. In one sense he’s fortunate – his conference is finished and he could have had an uncomfortable few hours if the poll had come out before his speech

For Labour the story goes on. There can be little doubt that without a change at the top they are facing a disastrous general election within the next twenty months. Would a new leader make a difference?? It might and that just undermines Brown’s position. Potential rebels have almost nothing to lose.

There’s due to be a mass of polling in the next few days ahead of Labour’s gathering in Manchester. In the bunker they must be praying for something that offers a glimmer of hope.

Mike Smithson

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