Continuation Thread: Will McCain be overshadowed?

Continuation Thread: Will McCain be overshadowed?

    How will he compare to Obama and Palin in his acceptance speech?

John McCain has many qualities, but being a big-venue orator is not first amongst them. Having seen Obama put on a remarkable show last Thursday in Denver, John McCain saw his VP pick, Governor Palin, deliver a superb address last night. She managed to enthuse the Convention Center to an extent not seen previously this week, and has received glowing reviews in the midst of a hostile media storm over her private life.

Tonight, John McCain will accept his party’s nomination for the Presidency, and in doing so will mark the end of the longest and most expensive primary season in US electoral history. But as well as trying to match up to the rhetorical achievements of Barack Obama and Sarah Palin, McCain is also competing with a continuing hurricane on the Gulf Coast, and the beginning of the NFL season (the Redskins and the Giants kick off at 19:07 Eastern Time, and McCain is due to speak between 10 and 11 pm EST). The game was moved forward by 90 minutes at the request of NBC.

Warm-up acts tonight include former Homeland Security Secretary (and former PA Governor) Tom Ridge, Governor Pawlenty (MN), and Senators Ensign (NV), Martinez (FL), Brownback (KS), and Graham (SC). The nominee will be introduced by his wife, Cindy McCain.

In other news, Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick has resigned over his many criminal charges – this is good news for Obama.

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