The mad mad world of Barack V-P choice betting

The mad mad world of Barack V-P choice betting


    Are you best to stay out of it?

Two months ago I posted here that I was pulling out of the betting on who would share the tickets with Barack Obama and John McCain because it was so difficult for anybody to who out who was going to be chosen. I’ve got several hundred pounds at risk and I am convinced that I’m going to be a loser.

I’ve managed to keep away from the betting apart from a brief punt at 33/1 on Ann Veneman, the Director-General of UNICEF.

Just look at the chart above showing the rapidly changing fortunes, according to punters, of the four leading contenders and how one favourite after another has emerged for a few days only to be replaced after a few days by someone else.

The current favourite is Evan Bayh who supplanted Tim Kaine who was being heavily backed until only a few days ago. I’m not convinced.

The instinct that I still have is that Barack will choose a woman and, who knows, Hillary might find favour?

Mike Smithson

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