So the Democratic race goes on

So the Democratic race goes on


    But do these final primaries matter at all?

After her expected huge victory in the predominantly white working class state of West Virginia Hillary Clinton was in upbeat mood overnight and made it clear that she is still striving to become the next president.

This is her biggest victory so far yet the mood of the commentators was that it was irrelevant. Only 28 delegates were at stake, the outcome had been widely predicted, and Obama’s quiet campaign amongst the super delegates continues to pay dividends.

As the Associated Press analysis put it – West Virginia does not solve her central problem: ” Since her loss in North Carolina and narrow victory in Indiana last Tuesday, the New York senator has been battling the growing realization that her once-formidable candidacy may have finally run out of steam. Saddled with more than $20 million in debt and struggling to fund the remaining contests, Clinton has watched a steady stream of superdelegates migrate toward the Illinois senator despite his apparent problems winning key constituencies.”

One thing she has had to do is to be more guarded in her attacks on Obama. For the one way of forcing the party establishment to step in is if her effort is seen to be damaging their overall interests.

In the betting on who wins in November Obama is still the clear favourite.


Mike Smithson

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