What about Hillary being on the ticket as Obama’s V-P?

What about Hillary being on the ticket as Obama’s V-P?

    Is she worth backing at 5/1?

After the weekend suggestions from the Clinton Camp that the current delegate leader, Barack Obama, could join Hillary on the ticket as the V-P nominee there’s increasing discussion that she could accept it the other way round.

One of her most outspoken and influential backers, Governor Edward Rendell of Pennsylvania, says he would be happy to support an Obama-Hillary ticket even if it meant that his choice was in the number 2 slot.

    Such a move could put her in a strong position in either 2012 or 2016 keeping her presidential dream alive. It could also maximise the vote for the ticket because they both bring very different constituencies of voters to the table.

A big question is whether, assuming he gets it it, Obama would be happy to go along given the bitter nature of the current battle? The answer, as is being discussed at the moment, is that he could come under huge pressure to agree to such a move if this, indeed, goes to the Denver convention and the decision is made by the super-delegates.

Several commentators, particularly ABC’s Chuck Todd, have been arguing that this might be the only way of settling the deadlock.

I’m persuaded by the argument and currently my bets are on Hillary for the presidential nomination at more than 3/1 as well as some money on Hillary as the V-P nominee at 6/1. My Obama position is covered by the 50/1 and 33/1 bets on him winning overall that I made in 2005 and 2006.

Mike Smithson

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