Is it worth a covering bet on Gore?

Is it worth a covering bet on Gore?


    Could he be the only one to break the Clinton-Obama deadlock?

It was bound to happen but it does sound plausible – there’s now discussion from respected bloggers that should the Democratic nomination remain deadlocked then there could still be an opportunity for the ex-VP and Nobel Prize winner, Al Gore.

Taegan Goddard on “Political Insider” writes: “It’s clear that for either Sen. Barack Obama or Sen. Hillary Clinton to win the Democratic presidential nomination, they’ll have to win the majority of superdelegates at the convention. But what if the superdelegates split right down the middle like Democrats across the nation?…The answer might be for someone else entirely to step into the race at the convention. The most likely candidate would be Al Gore. Most Democrats think he was robbed of the presidency in 2000 by the Supreme Court and could be the only one to unite the party.”

Looking at my own betting I’ve built up quite a nice position on Gore without noticing. My normal betting strategy has been to punt against something happening rather a bet for. The result is that I’ll get a thousand or so from Betfair if the Goddard theory comes about.

Gore’s latest Betfair price is 62/1.

Mike Smithson

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