Is it premature to say “It’s all over – Barack’s won?”

Is it premature to say “It’s all over – Barack’s won?”

obamaa oval office wax.jpg

    Will this be the shot we’ll be seeing on January 20th 2009?

A couple of weeks ago Madame Tussauds produced the above display showing a wax life-size model of Barack Obama in a mocked up Oval Office. Maybe it’s a bit premature to feature this and even if he gets the nomination he still has John McCain to beat. But there’s a list of good news stories for the young senator this morning

  • Washington Post columnist, Al Kamen, declares “Let’s face it. It’s over. Obama’s the Nominee” . He suggests that “the last bit of muscle” was the endorsement Teamsters President James P. Hoffa.
  • Super Delegates the news agency, AP, is reporting that in the past fortnight Obama’s tally has gone up by 25 while Hillary has dropped by two. Clinton is still leading by 241 to 181 but the gap is narrowing very fast.
  • Campaign fundraising Blogger Marc Ambinder reports that the black senator from Illinois might have netted a massive $50m in February – a total that is being down-played by his campaign. And this, surely, could be the clincher.
  • White House race betting is here.

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