Will the plagiarism charge hurt Barack?

Will the plagiarism charge hurt Barack?

    Can Team Hillary stop Obama from making it ten in a row?

On the eve of the Wisconsin and Hawaii primaries the Clinton team has put out the above video to suggest that Obama is a plagiarist. What you see is an Obama’s speech from Saturday in Wisconsin side-by-side with one made by the governor of Massachusetts, Deval Patrick speech in 2006.

Interestingly the Obama speech is no longer available on YouTube.

The big question is will it matter? Will it have an impact. Will it help Hillary overcome the average 4.3% polling deficit that indicates that like in every other contest since Super Tuesday she is going to get beaten.

This is tough fight and this time finds Obama finds himself have to deflect attacks from both the likely GOP nominee, John McCain, and Clinton.

The question you always have to ask is whether any votes will switch as a result of this and what impact could it have on voter turnout on both sides. So far a key to the Obama bandwagon has been the enthusiastic way his band of supporters have turned out.

I think that he’ll win both states tomorrow and in doing so will position himself even better for the vital March 4th tests in Ohio and Texas. Latest betting is here.

Mike Smithson

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