Are these the numbers that will swing it?

Are these the numbers that will swing it?

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    For US election junkies it’s another late night

As we go into another weekend of frenzied activity in the race for the White House the above are the latest “head-to-head” polling figures from Real Clear Politics comparing how Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton would fare facing up to the Republican John McCain in a general election.

The numbers are good for the junior senator from Illinois but still Hillary is leading when Democratic-leaning voters are asked who they would favour.

The closer we get to decision time these heads-to-heads with John McCain are going to play a major part, particuarly with many of the “super-delegates” who might, at the end of the day, decide it. For while Hillary is still strongest amongst Democrats such comparisons show that Obama can compete better against McCain for the independent and centre ground voters.

This weekend there are the following contests:-

Louisiana primary: 56 delegates at stake
Nebraska caucuses: 24 delegates at stake
Washington caucuses: 78 delegates at stake
Maine caucuses: 24 delegates at stake

All apart from Maine take place today. In the betting Obama is now the 0.75/1 favourite.

Mike Smithson

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