Is this where McCain will virtually clinch it?

Is this where McCain will virtually clinch it?

    …or will the Romney money machine seize victory?

florida from space.JPGAnd so the next US election night on Politicalbetting. This time it’s Florida, the biggest state to decide so far and the one that has seen the most fierce battles for the GOP crown.

The Democratic party does have an election but because, like Michigan a fortnight ago, the state defied the national party on the timing what’s decided by today’s voting will not count. However if it the delegate count between Obama and Clinton gets really tight you can see this one being resolved in the courts.

For Rudolph Giuliani this is the day of reckoning. His plan was to ignore the earlier contrst and focus on the big states with lots of delegates where winner takes all. If that falls down tonight his campaign is in serious trouble.

John McCain and Mitt Romney have been topping the polls though the betting today has moved towards the 71 year old from Arizona. As well as the delegates at stake tonight the results could give the winner momentum going for the Super Tuesday primaries and caucuses on a week today.

A factor that needs to be taken into account is the number of absentee ballots – many people voted some time ago before McCain became the front runner. There’s been some speculation that this will help Giuliani.

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Mike Smithson

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