How much damage is Dick Morris doing to the Clintons?

How much damage is Dick Morris doing to the Clintons?

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Just two months before the presidential election in 1996 dick Morris, the man who went on to advise UKIP for their Euro-Election campaign in 2004, appeared on the front page of Time magazine alongside Bill Clinton who was, of course, running for a second term.

Now he has become, arguably, the fiercest critic of the couple through his blog, through press articles and TV appearances. He’s the one that gets asked to comment on his former client’s campaign style and he’s the one who has been putting the most negative interpretation on their activities.

Morris was among the first and most vocal in describing, as he saw it, the Clinton’s plan to make Obama’s skin colour into an issue and certainly this got picked up.

    There’s little doubt that he has played a role in making the Clintons’ robust attacking campaigning style into a key issue

His latest piece “GOOD RIDDANCE TO THE CLINTONS’ POLITICS OF PERSONAL DESTRUCTION” pulls no punches and is in keeping with with much of his recent writing.

His great attraction is the proximity that he had to Bill and Hillary and his close knowledge about what they are like. This has given him a kind of authority which means that his ideas are being taken up by other parts of the media.

Whatever went wrong between Bill and Dick I don’t know but the consequences are certainly having an impact on the current race – and he’s continuing to post everyday.

In the UK betting the Hillary price has continued to ease while Obama’s odds have tightened.

Mike Smithson

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