Can Romney pull it round in his father’s state?

Can Romney pull it round in his father’s state?

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    Or will McCain become an even bigger favourite?

It’s Tuesday and that means, for the next month or so at least, that it’s primary time in the US. Today it’s been the voters of Michigan who are having their turn to decide who should occupy the GOP slot. There is voting on the Democratic nominee but no one will take any notice because of the state is in defiance of the party nationally, there has been no campaigning and the results will not count.

Hillary Clinton is on the ballot but Obama isn’t. Anybody wanting to register a vote against the front-runner will tick the “uncommitted” box. One poll has suggested that 31% might do the latter.

    The big focus is the GOP race and whether Mitt Romney will top the poll. For if he can’t do it in the state where his father was governor then he’s going to struggle even more elsewhere.

A victory would keep him in contention and he does have the benefit of being the firm choice of the Republican establishment. The polls are reporting that this is very tight. Michigan GOP betting is here.

Voting finishes at 0200 GMT and the exit polls and first results should be coming through fairly soon after that.

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