This morning the focus is on Chris Huhne

This morning the focus is on Chris Huhne

    Take part in the live online hustings from 11am

This morning the person who has become the betting outsider in the race for Lib Dem leadership, the former journalist and MEP, Chris Huhne, joins us on PBC for the first of our two live online hustings.

This is your chance to put questions to the man who in six weeks might be leading Britain’s third party.

Please write your questions in the comments thread below and Chris will be standing by from 11am to deal with them.

Can I ask everybody to behave in a civilised manner and I have switched automatic moderation so that those who have never posted here before will not be able to get through instantly.

First question from me Given Lembit Opik’s reputation for backing losers you must be delighted that he has come out for your opponent – but does it worry you that so many of your parliamentary colleagues are publicly supporting Nick Clegg and not you?

Chris will be with us until midday.

Mike Smithson

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