Intrdoducing the PBC online Lib Dem hustings

Intrdoducing the PBC online Lib Dem hustings


    Your chance to put your questions

Politicalbetting has invited both the contenders in the Lib Dem leadership battle, Nick Clegg and Chris Huhne to take part in online hustings where users of the site can put their questions and discuss the issues with the contenders.

The first, with Chris Huhne, will take place at 11am this Sunday morning and will last for about an hour and a half. A special thread will be opened shortly before this time. The format will be similar to the online discussion we had with the founder of Mori, Sir Robert Worcester, a few weeks ago.

Although arrangements for Chris Huhne have been finalised I am still waiting for confirmation from the Nick Clegg camp with whom I have already had discussions.

When nominations closed today there were, as expected, just the two runners – both ex-Westminster school-boys who went onto Oxbridge and became MEPs. Both have only been in the house for two and a half years.

Mike Smithson

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