Has Gord let Boris off?

Has Gord let Boris off?

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    Could Henley become a tasty Lib Dem by election prospect?

One aspect of Gord’s non-election decision is that Boris Johnson won’t be put into a difficult position over whether to stick as MP for Henley or not.

    For if there had been an election and he had not stood he could have found himself out of front-line politics if he then went on to fail in the mayoral race.

Last week he was quizzed repeatedly about the dilemma and hinted strongly that he would have tried to continue with the dual role of Henley MP and mayoral candidate – something that could have provided his opponents with powerful ammunition.

If he does beat Ken next May then he’ll probably be forced to step down as MP thus creating a by election. The notional result for the seat on the new boundaries has CON 53.3%: LD 25.6%: LAB 15.3% – so it could be an interesting Lib Dem – Tory battle.

Given how rubbish the Tories are in parliamentary by election of all sort you would have to give the Lib Dems a chance when starting in such a good position.

In the betting Boris is 13-8 to oust Ken.

Mike Smithson

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