And the winner is……

And the winner is……


PBC Poster of the Year 2006-7 revealed

Following a hard-fought campaign, but one which all candidates acknowledged was very clean and held in a good spirit, the final results of the competition can now be announced, with the official count of the online electronic voting being conducted at 6.30 Friday – 438 valid votes were cast.

  • Sean Fear is the winner of the contest, with 95 votes (22%) and is the 2006-7 Poster of the Year.
  • Sean T (79 votes/18%) managed to hold off Andrea (70/16%) in the race for second place.
  • Meanwhile, Jack W (53/12%) tied with Nick Palmer MP in a titanic struggle for fourth.
  • In the rest of the field, Peter the Punter scored 34 votes, David Herdson 22, Mark Senior 16, while Henry G and Stodge received 8 votes each.

    Can I (and on behalf of Mike also) congratulate Sean Fear on winning the election from a very strong field, and congratulations too to all the other candidates, both those in the final and the first round. The competition has demonstrated the large pool of talent featured on, so whether it’s lively debate you’re after, in-depth analysis of UK and international politics, or betting tips for politics (and sport), this is the place to be – an absolutely indispensable resource.

    Populus private poll

    This has Labour just one point ahead of the Conservatives – Lab 37, Con 36, LD 16.

    There are several polls due out over the next few days, so it remains to be seen whether this is a “rogue poll” or the first sign that Gordon’s honeymoon and the “Brown bounce” are over, and if the prospects for an autumn election are now disappearing, contrary to rumours on the blogs of a possible date in early October. Further details and commentary can be found here on Anthony Wells’ site.

    7.45 am update – Ipsos-Mori poll in the Sun (thanks Jack W) – Lab 41, Con 36, LD 16

    Guest Articles

    As you probably all know, I’ll be looking after the site for the next fortnight while Mike takes a well-earned break in southwest France. Any guest articles would be very much appreciated – having some available in my previous guest editor stint made the week a lot easier. I’d especially welcome articles on the following topics:

  • Any aspect of current UK politics – and would any Lib Dems be interested in doing an article previewing their conference which opens in a couple of weekends time?
  • Any betting-related articles
  • An article on the economy, especially with regard to the recent turmoil on the markets
  • The current state of the US race, although I will be featuring Fred Thompson’s entry as a separate article
  • An update on the current situation in Australia, although this would be something for the second week of my guest editor fortnight
  • An article on European politics, focusing on the EU Treaty (this would probably merit its own article), the general state of the EU, and developments in the “Big Four” of France, Germany, Italy, Spain
  • Any articles that meet the general ethos of pbc will be considered – please contact me by clicking on the Election Game logo below.

    Paul Maggs “Double Carpet”

    Guest Editor

    Mike Smithson returns on 17th September

    Paul Maggs runs The Election Game – click on the logo to email for more information.


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