Sunday papers round-up

Sunday papers round-up


    Politics stories from today’s newspapers

There are no major stories today, as evidenced by the fact that most of the newspapers have different leads, and it doesn’t look as though there are any opinion polls out today either – although I’m sure that someone will correct me if there are.

However, there is still plenty of political news and comment available, and the following articles may be of interest:

The Sunday Times reports that Brown has come under more pressure as Gisela Stuart has now called for a referendum, while Matthew D’Ancona in the Sunday Telegraph offers his thoughts on the subject.

The Sunday Times also looks at Cameron’s “centre-right” strategy to take on Brown, while the Observer’s Andrew Rawnsley warns that the Conservatives can’t win by abandoning the centre ground.

Finally, returning to the referendum issue, the Independent on Sunday says that ministers “will come out fighting” this week against one, and that Brown is also expected to firmly rule out a referendum.

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